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The Value Of An Experienced Graphics Designer

First of all what is a graphic designer? A graphic designer works to provide businesses with any visual communications they may require. This includes logo design, layout design for printed items such as signage, stationery, and marketing materials (brochures, flyers...

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How I Got Involved In The Book Industry

I can still remember when I decided to really get involved in the book industry.  The year was about 1999 and I was working for a company that specializes in short run book printing.  This had been after being laid-off from a highly-creative advertising agency.  That...

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Self-Publishing In E-Book Or Print Format

Today, more than ever before authors are presented with publishing opportunities that have never existed before. This is not to understate the hard work that authors have to go through to get recognition, write great books, and make a full time living from their...

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Graphic Design: A Tool for Business Success

Principally, with the present situation in the marketplace, graphic design has to create an impressive impact that will result in gaining more clients and earning more profitable sales. And because of the tight and stiff competition in the market businesses have to...

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How To Choose A Book Designer Without Losing Your Mind

If you haven't already experienced it yourself, then you've probably heard some of the horror stories about trying to find or work with a graphic designer. It can be difficult, time consuming and frustrating to say the least, but in all fairness it's no different than...

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